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Does your roof show the sign of wear and tear? Do you need a roof replacement and have no clue where to start? Are you considering roof replacement to uplift the look and value of your house? If so, you need to hire reliable Roofing contractors Aberdeen in the first place. Being one of the most critical parts of the building, roofs demand proper care and high-end services, to ensure you feel safe and protected under the roof.

At Aberdeen Maintenance Company, we are one of the most reliable roofing contractors in Aberdeen. In our 20 years of existence, we have undertaken several roofing projects of all size and sorts. We are a one stop solution for all your roofing related concern. From minor roof repairs to roof replacement and Roof & gutter maintenance to fresh installations, we are the best company to rely on.

The Best Roofers Aberdeen

At Aberdeen Maintenance Company, we believe that having a strong, aesthetically supreme and valuably high roof is critical for the protection of your commercial or residential properties. With a combination of peerless expertise and years of industry experience, we have made ourselves able to nourish your roofs with the right element.

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We delivery top-notch workmanship and uncompromised professionalism in every job that we undertake. Whether you are looking for a simple roof restoration or roof replacement, flat roof repairs Aberdeen or complete asbestos roof replacement we make sure our customers are offered services that best satisfy their needs.

Committed to results and quality, we are a team of the best roofers Aberdeen who are qualified, licensed and experienced to perform any type of roofing job.

Flat Roofing Installation or Roof repairs: Which One Should You Go For?

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Undoubtedly, roof replacement brings in more life expectancy to a roof, many times homeowners come to us with the question, “Should I go for Flat Roofing Installation or Roof repairs?” Well, there is no straight answer to this question. It totally depends upon the current condition of your roof, its age, your budget, etc. Here are a few major determinants that can help you choose the most viable option:

• Ask for Recommendation From a Roofing Inspector:

If your roof is facing any problem, first and foremost get it inspected by a qualified roofing contractor Aberdeen. Let him inspect the current condition of your roof and ask for his recommendations. Most of the time, his recommendations can make the base of your decision.

• Age of the roof:

A very important factor that plays a crucial role in determining whether you should go for flat roof installation or roof repairs is the age of the roof. If your roof is relatively young, you need not go for entire roof replacement but for roof repairs. However, if your roof is quite old, it might have a low life expectancy and have been substantially damaged. In such a case, you might want to go for Flat Roofing Installation

• Cost Involved:

Every decision needs to be taken with the budget in mind and roofing is no different! Compare the cost involved in both the options and if there is no significant difference in the cost for both, go for Flat roof installation. The reason is, though repairing the roof will solve the problem, it surely can’t increase the life expectancy of your roof. However, if the quote for repairs is very less and only a few repairs are involved, it would be wiser to go for roof repairs

• Present Condition of the Roof:

The present condition of your roof, coupled with the kind of issues you are experiencing with it can also help you in deciding if you should go for a flat roof installation or roof repairs. If the roof is experiencing major issues like widespread curling, multiple leakages, etc. the cost of repairs can be almost similar to the cost of installing the new roof. In such a case, flat roof installation might be a viable option

• Future Plans To Relocate:

If you already have plans to relocate in the near future and sell your property before you go, a new roof might help you fetch a good deal. In such a case, roof replacement can be a better option. This might also help you find a potential buyer quicker

Some of the other services we provide include

We, at Aberdeen Maintenance Company, offer a wide range of services to our client. We are specialists in all aspects of roofing work and have experts who are trained to work with various roofing systems.

  1. Flatroof Repairs & Renewals 15 Years Guarantee
  2. Slating & Tiling
  3. Lead work
  4. Rendering / Rough Casting
  5. Gutter Cleaning
  6. Specialists Heights Team
  7. Chimney Repairs
  8. Cement Works Pointing
  9. Roof Surveys
  10. Roof Cleaning / Painting / sealing
  11. Complete Roof Renewals
  12. Insurance Work Undertaken
  13. Commercial & Domestic

We carry out our roofing serices in:

  1. Aberdeen
  2. Ellon
  3. Inverurie
  4. Westhill
  5. Dyce
  6. Portlethen
  7. Banchory
  8. Stonehaven

Tips to Take Care of Your Roof

It is crucial to regularly maintain your property in order to prevent any damage that might occur. However, this is neither easy nor effortless. But with very easy tips, you make it possible. Now extend the life of your roof with the tips brought to you by Aberdeen Maintenance Company. flat roofing services aberdeen , flat roofers aberdeen

• Inspect-It Regularly

Make sure that you inspect your roof on a regular basis. Do take a walk and check out things often, especially after a windstorm. If you find any issue, getting repaired at the earliest is the key.

• Keep Your Gutters Clean

Clogged gutters can harm a property more than anything else as they increase the devasting effects damage by water. Some people wonder how their gutters get clogged even when they have already applied gutter protection screens or guards. Well, they do prevent gutters from clogging, but they don’t do it completely. Small objects like leaves or debris often make their slip through the gutter, causing heavy sludge and downspouts.

• Trim Your Trees

Regularly trim your trees. If possible, remove the branches that are close to the roof or you might have twigs falling from them on a regular basis.

• Remove Debris

If there is anything landing on your roof, remove it immediately. The reason is, moisture can develop underneath anything that sits on your roof for a long time and might harm your roof.

• Stay Off Your Roof

Well, as mentioned above, we do understand that at times you would need to get up on your roof. However, try to do this to the minimum possible times. Traipsing around will only lead to additional wear and tear to the roof and as a result, will affect the life of the roof. Moreover, some roofs also have materials that are meant to lessen spotting or mildew. Every time you get on your roof, some part of this material is knocked off.

So, these were the tips on taking care of your roof. If you need any type of roof installation and roof repairing services, call us at Aberdeen Maintenance Company. We offer professional roofing services in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire at the most affordable rates.

Why Choose Aberdeen Maintenance Company?

At Aberdeen Maintenance company, we are known to always complete the work on time and adhere to the highest quality standards possible. We ensure to use premium quality material and finish the job within the estimated budget of the client. If these reasons are not enough to choose us as your preferred roofing contractors, we are sure the following will definitely convince you of our professionalism and delivery quality:

2. Decades of Experience:

We have some of the most experienced tradesmen of Aberdeen and Shire in our team. We have been in the building industry for the last 20 years, and this enables us to know the trade inside out

3. Fully Licensed:

We are a fully licensed and insured roofing company offering an extensive range of services to the property owners of Aberdeen and Aberdeen Shire.

4. Quality workmanship guaranteed:

We are an Aberdeen Roofing Company that puts quality over everything else. We guarantee you hundred percent satisfaction in all the projects as we strongly believe in the skills and workmanship of our expert roofers. Customer satisfaction is of top importance to us, and all work areas are always left clean and tidy.

5. Emergency 24-hour roofing services Aberdeen:

Our dedicated team of qualified roofers is available 24/7 to offer roofing services Aberdeen of all sorts. Whether you found a major leak in the roof or doubt a crack that might lead to huge damage, call the experts roofers at Aberdeen Maintenance Company to take care of the emergency situation.

Currently, we handle the roofing maintenance of over 300 properties for local solicitors & estate agents. We welcome all types of work irrespective of the size and complexity. Call us for all your roofing requirements today!

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